Features of Lcrm Saas

Online CRM software


An issue tracking system (support ticket, request management or incident ticket system) is a feature in Lcrm Saas that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization.


Invite Staff

To add a staff member to organization, you need to enter the Email Id, and invite the staff member to register (Invitation will be automatically sent to the given Email Id).



A lead is the first step in the process. Clients/customers/agents have indicated some interest in your company or its product, but you have no history of interaction with them.



When the product information is explained to a customer and the positive response from a customer is regarded as an opportunity and all the details of opportunities can be listed for improving the sales of the product. The sales process can be clearly fixed for the future actions to be taken for improving sales.

CRM opprtunity


It is a billing or payment, once Quotation or sales order gets confirmed by the customer (convert as invoice) then invoice will get generated. Based on payment log We can display paid invoice, open invoice and due invoice.

CRM invoice


Lcrm Dashboard gives the detailed analysis of the information. Dashboard has Task list which reminds the tasks to be done. It describes the information in graphical manner that gives the clear and easy understanding of the information. It also gives the information from where the customers are approaching through a map.

CRM dashboard


Calendar used to show the scheduled meeting to define when an appointment or activity is to occur. We can also update the meetings by changing the date and time. All the meetings created can be viewed on the calendar.

CRM calendar


For a product purchase a brief description of price can be given as a Quotation. The Quotation given can be saved by the quotation number and the date when it was issued and also to the sales person who issued the quotation and status of the quotation. The quotation has options to edit or delete and print the quotation of a product.

CRM quotations

Sales Team

Sales Team is assigned with certain targets of invoices and sales. This sales team block gives the actual sales in the current month and the target yet to be reached for a sales team. This gives clear analysis to the sales team regarding the target that has to be reached and the analysis of sales can also be done easily.

CRM sales team


Sales Order gives the data regarding the sales like the name of the customer and the sales person concerned with sale and date of purchase with sale order number. It also shows the status of the sales order and it had options to delete or print whenever it is required.

CRM saleorder

Email Templates

In business email should be sent to many customer or staff. This emails can be prerecorded in email templates with a title and message and used for future purposes. This is mainly used when there is a need of sending many emails at a time. Email Templates can be edited or deleted and added easily.

CRM email template


Shows all the products that are present in the organization.The Product name, category, status and quantity available all these details can be stored under this list. The detail description of the product and price of the product can be seen in view page.

CRM products


The scheduled meetings are listed for the better sales report and it gives persons related to the particular meeting and starting date and scheduled time are shown for the understanding purpose. The meeting scheduled is reflected in to the calendar and reminds the meeting schedule. The entries can be edited or deleted if there is any change or cancel of scheduled meeting.

CRM meetings


All the assigned tasks can be saved with description and deadline for the task can be fixed such that the task can be done within stipulated period. Every task can be assigned to the person.

CRM tasks

Additional features of LCRM SASS



REST is a web standards based architecture and uses HTTP Protocol for data communication. It revolves around resources where every component is a resource and a resource is accessed by a common interface using HTTP standard methods.



Data backup is one of the best features of this template. We can have data backup in a local drive and Dropbox. This enables the feature of data backup in the LCRM SAAS.