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Bowling club is a boutique bowling alley that departs from tradition by serving-award winning food and extraordinary specialty cocktails, along with a rotating craft beer and wine list.

In December we met with an irrigation expert who gave us the results of an audit he conducted at our greens. Who knew that this subject could be so interesting?! Really! Turns out that most of the problems we've seen on the greens are a result of the hodgepodge of different.

Moving the two ineffective sprinkler heads that are nest to the light poles so that the water throw will clear the poles and, thus, eliminate the dry areas.

Install a jazzy new sprinkler controller that can accommodate multiple-length cycles and can sense moisture content in the air and automatically shut off the watering cycle on rainy days. Bowling schedule was changed to Wednesday and Saturday at 1:00.

Funds: We finished the year in the black and will have enough funds to continue operating through 2016. Yay! In 2016 we will amount an aggressive effort to increase membership.

Bowling Means Real Fun

Marketing and membership efforts: We'll establish neighborhood days at the greens to focus on the recruitment; increase efforts to attract group outings; list club activities in local newspapers and on-line on community NextDoor websites; and engage in a proposed cooperative publicity effort with other non-profit organizations in the area.

Tournament: We'll host a Southwest Women's Division tournament, the California Bears, in September.

You can visit the Tumblr page, which combines either things Martin or his wife have said to their toddler daughter or things that she has said to them.

The playful designs soon took off and this allowed for Spaghetti Toes to become a book! However, we are most excited about the family's flourishing Etsy shop.

Let us meet each other with smile, for the smile is the begining of love.

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    Mike Walker

    Mike Walker, a brand new bowler,who has already said that his new hobby (aside from being on the green to bowl himself) is watching bowls matches on YouTube.


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    Jenny Hornes

    When the vice skips are determining the point count at the finish of an end, none of the bowls should be moved until the two vices have agreed on the count.

  • Jenny Hornes profile
    Debroh M.Hinton

    If you are the raker, you should take the rake out on the green to the furthest bowl from the jack and wait until you know the count is done before.

  • Ricky profile
    Ricky A Lopez

    During a recent game, the person wielding the rake began to collect the bowls before the point count was settled.

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    Debroh M.Hinton

    You sure don't want to be the one who prematurely moves a bowl that might have been in the count for your team.

  • hinton Image
    Teen T Holland

    Saturday, 1/16, was a glorious day for a game of bowls. Fourteen bowlers came out and bowled on our east green which has been unused for about three years.